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Whether your trees need trimming, maintenance, seasonal care or cutting, Tree Pruning Montérégie can help you. We offer affordable tree removal and tree pruning services in the Montérégie region. In addition to tree removal and trimming and pruning services, we offer advice on tree maintenance and free evaluations on potential problems.

The removal and cutting down of trees is an important part of our work. Often, this is necessary for the construction of a patio or a swimming pool. Sometimes, the removal of trees is necessary to protect people, houses or buildings. Occasionally, this is required for the well-being of other trees and shrubs. We offer professional and affordable tree cutting and trimming services in the Longueuil en Montérégie region.

Tree removal is recommended when:

  • when the tree is dead, about to die or is dangerous to the surroundings
  • if the tree is located in an area where new construction requires removal
  • if its roots have an impact on sewers, pipes, cables or foundation
  • if the tree is reduced by more than 30%, or if it has been damaged, usually by a storm or bad weather.

We are proud to help our customers find the most appropriate solution for their tree problems, whether it is diagnosis and treatment, trimming and pruning or complete removal.

If your decision is to remove a tree, why take the risk with your family and property? We provide quality and responsible work including the clean up of the branches and leaves after the work is provided. At Tree Pruning Montérégie, we believe in practicing safe work practices and guaranteed satisfaction. In essence, we want to be the tree trimming and tree removal company that you refer to your family and friends.

We have experienced staff and years of expertise. Call us today to schedule a free evaluation. If you have a tree that might be an issue, it is best to prevent than to experience the complications of a tree falling on your house, car or street.

All our work is fully guaranteed and the tree specialists are insured.

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