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FAQ & Safety Procedures

Here are some important safety points that our team will respect when cutting trees, pruning, trimming, or grubbing.

  • Ensure that workers are properly trained on how to use the equipment. Some jurisdictions may have regulations on the type of training required for cutting and pruning trees.
  • If a bucket truck or other vehicle is used, operators must be trained to operate these vehicles safely.
  • Before pruning a tree, the area should be inspected to identify possible hazards (e.g., the presence of power lines, broken or cracked branches after a severe storm) and take appropriate measures to prevent injuries or accidents.
  • Avoid any direct or indirect contact with the supply line.
  • Mark an area around the tree and prevent access by spectators. Ideally, always work with another person who remains on the field.
  • Learn to recognize trees weakened by the disease and the types of trees prone to cracking.
  • Inspect tree branches for strength before climbing. Check tree cavities, rotten or dead branches, cracks in the trunk or branches, broken branches suspended in the tree, etc.
  • Inspect the equipment and fall control lines before each use. Remove any damaged or defective equipment until it can be repaired or replaced.


  • Break small dead branches by hand while climbing up the tree and remove large branches with appropriate tools.
  • Place hands and feet on different branches and move with one hand or foot at a time.
  • Use non-conductive tools and personal protective equipment when working near power lines.
  • Make sure that you can see the cut that is made so that you don’t hurt yourself or cut the safety ropes unintentionally.
  • If a ladder is used, attach it to a secure branch is a safe way to work.
  • No tree cutting work is too big – or too small.

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