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If you are faced with an emergency tree situation, we specialize in the emergency removal of a tree on your property such as on your house, driveway, and entrance. Rest assured that you can reach us to help to clear your property for your safety.

What if a tree has fallen in your property?

A dying or already dead tree should not cause you any damage in the next big storm. A fallen tree can be a frightening experience and that is why it is advisable to immediately remove the trees. Once this is done and you have made sure that no one is hurt, your next steps are described below.

Assess the damage caused

The next step is to check for damage, that is, everything the fallen tree has come into contact with. Make sure that no power, telephone or utility lines have fallen with the tree. If something, including your yard or lines in your home has been damaged, you may consider calling a professional service to assess the damage and if possible, repair it. Do not approach any power or utility lines that may have been damaged when the tree fell. This is because electricity could still be active and the approach is potentially dangerous.

Take pictures

Like car accidents, it is important that you take pictures of your fallen trees and the surrounding area. The images will be useful for your insurance application because they will corroborate the story you are telling, which is what insurance companies require

Check the other trees

In order to thoroughly assess the damage and prevent another tree from falling on or near your house, you will want to check the health of other surrounding trees. If the trees are sick, old or dead and rotten, the next major storm can cause more damage to your home. Our tree removal company can help you with inspection, removal, and cutting of the trees. Any diseased tree should be treated by a professional and the old trees should be properly maintained in the meantime, i.e. before the next storm strikes.

Professional emergency tree removal program

In the event of emergency tree removal and severe storms, some insurance companies offer tree insurance. If you discover a fallen tree in your garden, immediately contact a professional tree removal service to remove it quickly and safely. Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove the trees by yourself, this is because the trees may have caused more damage to your home than you think, depending on where it landed. This is an assessment that can only be done by someone with the appropriate skills and knowledge. Removing the trees by yourself can cause more damage. In addition, the insurance company may not honor the claim if a professional withdrawal service is not involved.

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